power foods

Power Foods

Proper nutrition is of vital importance not solely for the general health of the body but also for building muscles and losing weight. A healthy diet intended for gaining more muscles can be quite crucial for most of us. If you do not eat the proper foods in proper quantities, you will never achieve the bulky and big appearance that you long for no matter what forms of exercise you do. It is therefore very important to consume the best and healthiest foods that can help you grow your muscles. These foods are often referred to as the ‘power foods’.

Protein is said to be the building block for any muscle growth and it should be part of the nutritional value of every food you eat. The following is a short list of power foods that are proven healthy and can aid in building muscles for a stronger body. Keep in mind that the food items below are not arranged in any particular order.

The first food to consider is eggs which are popular for their high protein content. It is considered as the man’s ‘best friend’ in terms of building muscles. Even though there are some controversies surrounding the yolk of an egg, it is packed with protein and vitamins and must be consumed in only moderate quantities according to a new research. The second powerful food is beef. Although a red meat like beef is very rich in protein, it is never recommended by experts to consume it each day due to its saturated fat content. You may consume two to three red meat meals weekly for as long as most of the time, you eat fish and turkey.

The third in our list is turkey and chicken. Both of these are considered as power foods because they do not contain much fat and are rich in protein. They should not be excluded from the meal of a bodybuilder. Of course, fish is always on the go for diet watchers and bodybuilders at the fourth spot. Varieties of cold water fish that are rich in fiber and omega three fatty acids include tuna, sardines and salmon. These essential nutrients are helpful in the speeding up of muscular growth and recovery.

After discussing some protein- rich meats, let us now confine out attention to non- meat power foods. Legumes are also a great choice for a stronger body. Beans and vegetables are also an excellent source of fiber and protein. Fiber is helpful in the proper functions of your digestive system. It is also responsible for maintaining the right insulin levels in your body. If your digestive system is functioning well, vitamins and nutrients are better absorbed and assimilated by the body, resulting in the growth and development of muscles. Dark beans are also proven very rich in protein and thus they need to be part of one’s healthy diet.

Building muscles also necessitates the intake of carbohydrates. However, you should get rid of some carbs that are highly glycemic and processed. These carbs can increase your insulin level, leading to storage of more fats. Of course, this is the thing that you do not want to happen to your body. Therefore, make sure that your carbs are of low glycemic index. Eating vegetables and fruits is highly beneficial when it comes to providing carbohydrates for your body. Last but not the least, sweet potatoes are known for supplying the body with a lot of nutrients. They have antioxidant properties, anti- inflammatory nutrients and ability to regulate sugar levels.

Yogurt is also considered a power food because it contains bacteria that can help protect your body from infections. It is rich in probiotics, Vitamin D and Calcium.

These are some of the power foods that each one of use should take into account when planning to have a healthy and balanced diet.